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Thread: Underwood 9mm & .40 S&W Hard Cast in Clear Ballistics Gel

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    Other than keeping your fingers clean I'm not sure the coating really dose anything. It seemed to be just as smoky as cast and had a strange odor.
    I suspect that the coating process was not done correctly or shaving during losding. Iíve shot thousands of HT coated from Bayou and Acme and the smoke level is nowhere near regular lead. Never got leading either even at .357Sig speeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5pins View Post
    At the suggestion from someone in another forum, I shot two rounds of some M882 9mm into some bare gel. This was the same blocks I used for the Underwood test. To my surprise, both rounds only penetrated about a block and a half, 24.5 and 24.75 inches. I was expecting much more.

    M882 and other standard shape 9mm FMJ bullets are well known to have one or two yaw cycles that will limit their penetration. A flat nosed projectile will usually remain point forward during penetration.
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