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Thread: 2019 Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up

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    2019 Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up

    This will be a two day course done in mini seminar fashion. We will teach various blocks of running the snub nose revolver with different instructors focusing on different drills and uses. The morning of day one will focus on snub revolver fundamentals with the larger snub guns and their various uses and deployment as a primary defnsive handgun. The second half of Day One will focus on smaller guns as a back-up system and snub use as a primary weapon. Day Two will focus on various topics such as carry methods, ballistics, and more complex and difficult shooting drills. The Instructor Cadre will be Wayne Dobbs, Darryl Bolke, Chuck Haggard and Dave Dolan. Lt. David Dolan (Ret) is new as an instructor at this event. He has 33 years of experience with the Los Angeles Police Department. He is both a highly recognized expert in deep undercover operations and served as a highly regarded firearms and tactics instructor. He does not regularly teach outside of law enforcement restricted classes and this will be a unique oportunity for attendees. All four are true subject matter expert on revolver shooting, and carry and over a century of combined law enforce experience and all have carried and used revolvers in the field extensively. We will also utilize all of the instructors to pass on extensive knowledge of the use of the concealment revolver for defensive purposes based on actual field use. This course is designed for experienced shooters who are looking for a chance to add or update their skills with a revolver. Those with no revolver experience are encouraged to attend; however, they should have a solid shooting background with pistols. We have revolvers available for loan to those who need them. Students will need a 6 shot or steel 5 shot revolver and a 5 shot small snub nose with holsters and support gear (speed loaders and/or speed strips). Ammunition requirements should run approximately 500 rounds of training ammunition.
    We will also have an added dedicated classroom sessions to cover equipment, selection and support gear for the revolver along with four 3 hour shooting sessions. All of the instructors will have extensive real world experience in their block of instruction.
    Traditionally, we cater Texas BBQ to the venue on Saturday night, and is included along with range fees in the $500 tuition cost.
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    Oh, bother....

    I would be on this in a heartbeat, but I'll be teaching in Longview, Texas, that weekend. Already got students signed up.

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