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Thread: J-frame Shootability

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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post

    The old Tyler T grips. They work.
    Still have a couple sets. One black, one polished.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rex G View Post
    Best? I have no idea. Workable: Ceramic rod, from a knife-sharpener, or a sharpening stone. IIRC, I have used both. This does, of course, require removing the trigger from the frame.

    Edited to add: I only needed to break the sharp edge of the corner, a bit, not radically re-profile. Removing the sharp edge keeps the trigger from getting a ďbiteĒ into the skin, allowing the skin to slide out of the way.
    I need to do this one of these days, as I too, occasionally get bit by the back side of the trigger on my 442. I don't recall it happening with my 60-10, but I shoot the 442 more. I'd be inclined to use a needle file for any coarse work, and then clean it up with a stone/ceramic afterwards, and maybe hit it with a Dremel for a final polish if needed.

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    I really like the Hogue Tamers, and the Ergo Delta Grips are good, too. Both of those grips really help with handling J-frame recoil, but they compromise the ability to pocket carry. Also, the Ergo grips look absolutely hideous, and I canít bring myself to use them, especially as I find the Hogues work just as well for me.

    I donít pocket carry, but I do really like the idea of cutting the Hogue grips down some from upthread/the other thread to improve concealability.

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    Long fingers have been my largest hold up on being able to shoot a j frame well. I canít tuck my thumbs or my trigger finger hits my thumbs. If I use a thumbs forward type of grip the cylinder release tears up my thumb. I currently run the crimson trace lg 405. They are just too small I think and I canít seem to master the laser. I either only look for it or only for the sights.

    I tried the delta ergo grips and really liked it but it despite how ugly it was but it didnít work with my DSG kydex holster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie View Post

    The old Tyler T grips. They work.
    On a J frame they are still too small for most with XL/XXL hands.

    Something that covers the backstrap and adds material from to back like the Taurus or crimson trace boot grips is required.

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