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Thread: What bulk 9mm for Glocks?

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    I usually load plated bullets for 9 mm. I've used 4 or 5 different brands and far as I can tell they are all good to go. I use Titegroup with them. I did load and shoot 1000 cast RN bullets, used Unique for the cast bullets, turns out they work fine in my Beretta and Citadel. I had hoped for better accuracy than the plated bullets, couldn't tell any difference. Have a new Glock and a DW Valkyrie. Going to load some 125 cast SWC for the Valkyrie, also have some real jacketed bullets from RMR and some Hornady HAP to test.
    One surprise with the Cast in the Beretta and the Citadel was that they ran cleaner than I thought they would, a lot cleaner than cast runs in my .45s. I suspect higher pressure made them burn cleaner.
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    Glad I found this thread since I'm feeling the need to start stocking up on components...
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    Acme!!! And you get a free pair of rocket roller skates with every purchase!!*

    *Statement may contain a slight prevarication or two.
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    I have shot a lot of ACME bullets in 9mm and 38. I like the 124 over 4.0 of TG and the 145 over 3.5 of TG. They are smokey and Im sure there is better powder. I have never experimented.

    They have never sent me roller skates.
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