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Thread: Crimson Trace Glock LaserGuard, PX4 lefty decocking setup

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    Crimson Trace Glock LaserGuard, PX4 lefty decocking setup

    Clearing out a few things to fund some projects around the house. Happy to provide photos upon request, just shoot me a PM with your email address. All prices include shipping, discreet PayPal is fine, naturally sales only where legal on mags. Not looking for any trades.

    All in like-new condition. They may have been shot with once or twice, but not much more. Will be shipped without batteries.

    SOLD SureFire X300 - P key and Rail-Lock parts included, U key installed, no box but pretty sure it was rated 170 lumens - $125 $100
    SOLD SureFire X400U-A-GN, 500 lumens, green laser - U key installed, P key included, with original box - $400 $350
    SOLD SureFire DG-11 grip switch for Glock - $75 $65 (also seems to work well with the full-size PX4 FWIW)

    Glock Stuff

    SOLD Advantage Arms .22 conversion for Gen 4 Glock 17/22, Warren black rear sight and fiber optic front sight, 6 mags, Uplula loader - $175
    I had frequent feeding and extraction issues even with an exclusive diet of Mini-Mags. In all other regards it's great, very accurate, I just don't have time to mess with it or send it in. It occurred to me recently that I never tried using it with an OEM mag release, maybe that could be the issue? People usually have good luck with these but I did not. I'm pricing it accordingly -- the mags, sights, and loader are worth my asking price.

    SOLD 6 Magpul PMAG GL9 21-round extended magazines - $70 for all
    I believe I loaded these each to capacity once and fired them all without issue. Never got around to doing anything further with them.

    ALL SOLD Pre-Gen5 Gadget SCDs, new in package - 5 available 1 left - $60 each

    Beretta PX4 Stuff

    Lefty-optimized decocking setup - stealth lever on left side, 92-style lever on right side, two sets available - $35 $30 per set

    SOLD PX4 stealth slide stop - left side only, no plug - $20

    SOLD Langdon PX4C low-profile ambi slide stop, modified by Ernest Langdon to stealth lever width and coated with NP3 - new - $65 $60

    SOLD Magazines: (all problem-free in very good condition)
    2 full-size PX4 magazines with extension (20 rounds) - $50 for both
    5 full-size PX4 magazines with extension (20 rounds), Robar Mod 5 (radiused modification to nose, NP3 coating) - $45 each or all 5 for $200

    Crimson Trace
    LaserGuard LG-452 for Glock 17/19/etc. with green laser -- I have three of these, thought they were a really cool idea but at the time holster selection was limited and I personally found consistent activation challenging. Never really spent much time with them. Will be shipped without batteries. These predate the Gen 5 but I can check compatibility with a Gen 5 17 or 19 if you need.
    #1 - $120 $100 - I modified the left side of this one to address some discomfort in my middle finger. Shot with it a few times. Includes original box.
    #2 - $150 $125 - Not modified but I think I shot with it a couple times. Includes original box.
    #3 - $180 $150 - Brand new, unmodified and unfired in original box.
    If you are a lefty, I also have a couple like-new JRC AIWB-CDA II holsters for a 17 with this LaserGuard, $75 each.

    MantisX - $120 $100 SOLD
    This little doohickey mounts to your rail and communicates information about grip and trigger movement to your smartphone. I bought one, used it in live fire, thought it was pretty neat, and bought a second one to see if it was useful for dryfire. This is the second one, but I never got around to using it more than once or twice (various life changes led to a halt in my dryfire regimen). Like new in original box.

    X3 Black Leather Reinforced Gun Belt - $40
    Ratcheting mechanism adjusts in 1/4" increments. Designed to be cut down to fit; currently cut at the 39" marker, which I measure at about 46" max circumference. Like new condition.
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    Updated for sold items, bump to the first page

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    Been incredibly busy these past few months but need to get these things moving again, price drops on everything!

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    Weekend bump

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