Little Lebowski was kind enough (or a cruel sadist) to give me full authority to run the Revolver sub forum in the manner I see fit. It will be different than other parts of P-F and the Internet in general. It is only fair to those participating in discussions here that an understanding exists as to what the standards will be for how WE discuss revolvers specifically. The goal is to expand knowledge. Easy to talk about, but what is that in the world where anyone with a keyboard has a voice? I figured I would set the groundwork with a quote.

“Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914) studied the nature of ideas and the need to test them by experience. According to Ozmon & Craver (2008), Peirce concluded that true knowledge of anything depends on testing one’s ideas in actual experience because, in and of themselves, ideas are little more than hypotheses until tried upon the anvil of experience.”

So....we will try to share our experiences and our anvils. It will be different and not equal. Sorry, it may not even be fair that everyone’s opinion is not equal. Please share your experiences. PLEASE discuss your theories, but have enough ego control to understand that we may hit your theory with a will stand up, or not, but we all then gain knowledge. Next, it ain’t personal. Let’s keep things about challenging and sharing ideas instead of anything else.
Lastly, if it isn’t revolver related please find somewhere else where it belongs.