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Thread: The only factory S&W Fitz Revolver

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1slow View Post
    If I remember correctly, Bill Jordan wrote about narrowing the front of a revolver trigger guard to help speed trigger acquisition on the draw.

    For a right hand shooter material would be removed from the right front side of the trigger guard. Jordan had huge hands so this may have influenced this idea.

    I appreciate the mentioning of the cold weather glove factor for the removal of the front of the trigger guard.

    In a similar idea, in one of his writings I believe Massad Ayoob mentioned something about certain double action automatics having enough room for gloves in cold weather.

    If you wear heavy gloves, trigger guard room is something to consider.
    Bill Jordan was 66 tall and had hands that were freakishly large even for a man of his size. It was definitely a factor.

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    One of Bill Jordan's m10

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    Trivia: The S&W Texas Ranger commemorative M19 had the trigger guard narrowed a la Jordan.
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