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Thread: The only factory S&W Fitz Revolver

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1slow View Post
    If I remember correctly, Bill Jordan wrote about narrowing the front of a revolver trigger guard to help speed trigger acquisition on the draw.

    For a right hand shooter material would be removed from the right front side of the trigger guard. Jordan had huge hands so this may have influenced this idea.

    I appreciate the mentioning of the cold weather glove factor for the removal of the front of the trigger guard.

    In a similar idea, in one of his writings I believe Massad Ayoob mentioned something about certain double action automatics having enough room for gloves in cold weather.

    If you wear heavy gloves, trigger guard room is something to consider.
    Bill Jordan was 6’6” tall and had hands that were freakishly large even for a man of his size. It was definitely a factor.

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    One of Bill Jordan's m10

    Name:  1ooEmyg.jpg
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    Trivia: The S&W Texas Ranger commemorative M19 had the trigger guard narrowed a la Jordan.
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    Go ahead, make my day!

    Dagga Boy...

    I know this is an old thread. But I am (apparently) an "FNG" around here and I'm just seeing it, now. And it's made my day. Thanks!

    Gotta love it all -- the gun, the grips, the book, and your write up detailing your Fitz Special.

    I remember the night I first saw that book: I was sitting in the gun room of my mentor -- may he rest in peace -- sidling as close as I could get to a big, black, gurgling kerosene stove for warmth, and poking through a pile of ancient American Rifleman magazines for diversion, while the "Old Man" puttered with his Potter press. I found the Nichols book among the magazines and started flipping through it. I remember asking, "Hey, Hall! D'you ever do any double action shooting?" He replied in his usual way: "Bob... the day I master single action I'll start workin' on double action."

    But the Old Man was wrong. I studied the book and practiced a bit and soon convinced him and a few more of his faithful followers that there really were a few "Secrets of Double Action Shooting" and they weren't that hard to learn. Before long we had an informal team of five that came to be known as the "Brown Baggers." But that's another story.

    I sure wish you could join us at tomorrow's Snubbyfest and bring along your Fitz Special for show 'n' tell. I know you'd be welcome and I bet you'd have a good time. But I know, too, that tomorrow is New Year's Day and Texas is a bit of a haul. So, I'll tell the boys the story of your Fitz Special and we'll raise a glass to you and Fitz. Happy New Year!

    Here are some pics I hope you enjoy:

    Name:  fitz1.jpg
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    Name:  k22_1.jpg
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    This link will take you to a really nice article on Fitz revolvers by One of the Usual Suspects.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pettypace View Post
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    Odd how those grips give that revolver a profile similar to the Keith No. 5 or a Ruger Bisley.

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    Question Fitz Revolver S&W Revolver

    Found an intresting S&W Revolver all done up like a FITZ Revolver. It is a Military/Police issue with a cut down barrel (2.75), cut hammer and trigger guard. The serial number is V4125__ and shows it being produced between 1942/1945. Unusual piece and I love Smiths. The Smith and Wesson Historical Society was of no help. That is why I am reaching out for more info on this. This is the first and only one I have seen like this and my buddy has refered to it as a gand bangers special. It still wears the original grips though most the original finish is gone on the metal surfaces. Thank you for any help on this.

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    Really enjoyed seeing this gun at the 2021 revolver round up. The trigger really is all that.

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    Nice Fitz

    What a beautiful gun.

    Remember what Fitz said about his Fitz snub-nosed revolvers and practical accuracy with one. All six round into the chest vitals at 100. yards on the Colt Silhouette Man target!

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