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Thread: Patrick Kelly Podcast

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    Patrick Kelly Podcast

    Excellent interview on Firearms Nation. I learned a bunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Glock View Post
    Excellent interview on Firearms Nation. I learned a bunch.
    I listened to it yesterday. Some cool history and discussions of the "off-brand" competitions. Fun interview that went against the normal flow of that Shooter's Summit.

    @P.E. Kelley

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    I'll have to block out some time for this one. The 2018 podcast with Patrick was really insightful.

    I quickly jumped around in this one while pouring my coffee. Seems like he talks about trusting the process. Funny how all the greats do.


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    Thank you so much gentleman. I am flattered and humbled to the point of tears...I am really "just a dude who shoots"
    I LOVE the tools and the many games we play with them.
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    Thanks for the heads up @Doc_Glock! I listened to it Thursday and THOROUGHLY enjoyed the interview!
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