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Thread: Welcome to PF's Unarmed Combatives forum

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    Welcome to PF's Unarmed Combatives forum

    @Cecil Burch, @Paul Sharp, and @SouthNarc are in charge here and I will NOT question their rulings. What they say goes, period. If someone causes a problem here, they lose the ability to comment here (read only). If you carry on arguments outside of here to other parts of the forum, we'll address that too.
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    Holy shit
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    Great news. Looking forward to following this forum.

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    I'm really looking forward to this sub forum, should be some great discussion!

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    In. Thanks for making this happen.
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    Unarmed I'm about as dangerous as a wet noodle. Looking forward to learning.

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    Outstanding! Thank you.

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    Great to have this forum. Looking forward to it. Thanks
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    Thanks for adding this forum.

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