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Thread: Crash Shooting with Ron Sable June; 22nd-23rd, 2019; Doswell, VA

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    Crash Shooting with Ron Sable June; 22nd-23rd, 2019; Doswell, VA

    Crash Shooting with Ron Sable (Force-on-Force Fighting Fundamentals)
    22nd-23rd, 2019; in Doswell, VA.

    Fee: $450

    Contact: Nora at for location and coordination details
    This two day program will cover information aiding in day to day situations in public spaces. The live
    fire course is designed to bring new information to the group, and allow students to pressure test their
    set of skills in scenario based force on force labs.
    The class will cover information and material for three environments: Public, Social and Personal
    space situations. Each category is measured as time and distance markers which expand and
    contract without notice. This class will help develop or audit personal security strategies and
    situational awareness.
    Course Objectives:
    -Shooting one handed
    -Defending against physical assault
    -Managing vehicle situations inside and out
    -Pistol manipulation under stress
    -Effective communication
    -Active Awareness in Public spaces
    -Pistol retention in and out of holster

    Gear List:

    Training Essential Gear:
    - Medium or full-sized pistol
    - 3x magazines or the ability to have 30 rd available on the firing line
    - 500 rd of factory ammunition
    - practical cover garments for concealed draw stroke (gaming or range shirts will be replaced)
    - a plan to carry magazines with and without pouches (back pockets are fine)
    - holster: IWB or OWB; appendix or strong-side hip
    - practical belt, and athletic or outdoor shoes (no slip-on nor open-toe)
    - groin cup
    - hearing protection
    - quality eye protection for shooting and force-on-force lab exercises

    Comfort Items: (non-essential)
    - clothing to support marking cartridge lab (e.g. long-sleeve shirts, denim pants)
    - cloth tape for fingers
    - rain gear (training will be conducted in all weather conditions)
    - note taking materials
    - water
    - field chair
    - energy snacks
    - shooting gloves
    - knee pads

    Personal Training Gear: (gear that can be and is encouraged to use)
    - Training drone knives parallel to every-day-carry knives (e.g. clinch pick, SOCP-K, Colonel Blades, Ka-Bar TDI)
    - Blue plastic or SIRT pistols, dummy plastic replica rounds
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    Any idea on what the total class size will be?

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    Probably 8-10 total, though I can't speak authoritatively on it. I believe 6 is his minimum, and 16 is his maximum. Every class I've been to with him as lead or AI, there's been lots of 1-on-1 coaching.
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