No 3Gun Mon, May 27. 2-Gun Invitational Instead
Thurmont Sun June 9 IDPA Match

Sat, June 8 2Gun Match Registration

Upcoming Thurmont Matches
- Sun, May 25-26 USPSA (MPSA.NET)
- Wed, Weekday Match June 19

- Sun, June 22-23 USPSA (MPSA.NET)
- Sun, June 16 3-Gun
- Sat, July 13 IDPA Match (NOTE: Schedule Change with 2-Gun)
- Sun, July 14 2-Gun Match

Other Area Clubs
- AAFG IDPA, Annapolis, MD
- NRA HQ IDPA, Fairfax, VA
- Fairfax Rod and Gun, Manassas, VA
- Sanners Lake IDPA, Lexington Park, MD

2019 Sanctioned Matches Within Driving Distance

- May 31-Jun 1 Delaware State, Bridgeville, DE

- June 5-9 Carolina Cup, Oxford, NC (Now $150)
- June 21-22 Virginia State, Bristol, VA
- July 19-21 NC Mountaineer Classic,

- Aug 9-10 Potomac Grail, Thurmont, MD

New IDPA HQ & Website Updates
NEW- MD/CSO Handbook Revised
News and Carry Optics Official
Updated Carry Optics Division Appendix
New Shooter IDPA Information

IDPA Rules Q&A Updated
Using Hard-Cover Downrange

Marylanders: Contact your representatives to stop gun control legislation in Maryland. The need is urgent. Contact Gary Woods
Renew your Maryland Shall Issue Membership
Be Prepared with Pete Ott's TacBuddy
Reloaded Ammo Available Locally: 1st Choice Ammo

Keeping a Gun On The Nightstand, Analysis

FBI Report Finds Armed Civilians Stop Active Shooters

Gun To Your Head Disarm Defense

Putting a Neck Lock for Self Defense WATCH
P&S Terminal Ballistics Video: YouTube

22 Justified Concealed Carry Self-Defense Incidents in One Month
Hoods of DC to avoid: LINK
Lessons of analyzing 12,000 Gunfights: LINK

Unless otherwise stated, All Thurmont IDPA Matches will allow Carry Optics and PCC Division guns. The guns must be IDPA Legal.

This man performed an "Unload And Show Clear" while trying to hold his hand over the ejection port. Stay Safe, don't do this.

Recommended Events & Links
- Link to brief video intro to Facing Violence, by Rory Miller, Book and DVD available. LINK

- Link to Facing Violence, By Rory Miller, a book laying the foundation of self-defense: LINK
- Green-Ops Class Schedule: LINK
- Greg Ellifritz's Self-Defense Articles: LINK
- FPF Concealed-Carry Training Schedule: LINK
- C4 Combatives and Combat Fitness Center, BJJ: LINK
- BEST Gunsmithing in VA/MD: J&L Gunsmithing
- IDPA Pistol Caliber Carbine Rules Announced, LINK
- What are the most popular IDPA Pistols?LINK
- 2017 Rulebook Questions and Answers: LINK
- How to draw a firearm from concealment, Part 1. Thanks To Green Ops.BLOG: LINK

- Spreadsheet with BUG and CCP Legal handguns for IDPA LINK
- Krav Maga Maryland: LINK
- Krav Maga Virginia: LINK
- PoliceOne Article: Will Competition Get You Killed? LINK
- New BlueLivesMatter website: LINK
- How to Survive a Las Vegas Style Shooting: LINK
- Defender Tactical, David Altenburg Combative Handgun Training, WV, LINK
- Darryl Swiggett is offering handgun training, basic to advanced:

Link To My Business Card and All VA/MD Clubs