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Thread: 1911 Grip Safety Improvement

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    I evaluated all three guns.
    The Springfield 1911-A1 45 Stainless has the longest depression needed, maybe more than half way needed.
    The Springfield 1911-A1 9mm and Remington R1 have about the same and maybe 40% needed to release.
    Also, there seems to be a higher tension on the 45 A1.
    And, as mentioned, when I put my thumb on the safety, it creates a little pocket, but not so much that it turns on the safety.
    BTW I never have this problem with my XDm.

    I am going to take them out to the range and give them another run and see if I can figure out if this is grip/training or one of the guns has more of an issue for my hands.

    Thanks for all the great posts.
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    If your hands are small like mine you may find that thin stocks help; I do. I also shoot better with them. I can run a gun with thick stocks but I prefer thin.

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    The grip safety is the main reason I gave up on the 1911. That and I didnít shoot it better than various plastic guns

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    Have a gunsmith, knowledgeable about the 1911 platform, take a look at the pistol(s) and sensitize the grip safety to suit. Almost everything about a 1911 is customizable and tunable by a good gunsmith. If youíre a DYI kind of person, YouTube has a number of relevant videos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc_Glock View Post
    The grip safety is the main reason I gave up on the 1911.
    One thing I DON'T like about my Wilson EDC X9 is they eliminated the grip safety. For a SA pistol carried AIWB, I'd rather keep the grip safety

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    I took my Colt with it's GI type grip safety to a gunsmith and asked him to tune it to off safe 50% of the way in. This plus an arched MSH did the trick. I had a lot of trouble with the high ride beavertail type safeties until I got the plain jane Colt.

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    Here is an idea:

    The owner grips very high and has trouble with the grip safety.
    So I set it for minimal, but positive, engagement and increased the protrusion of the 'hump'
    by .084".

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    Timely thread.

    I took my SA Champion out for some drills the other day. Aging and thinning hands, plus years away from the design concentrating on HKs and revolvers have taken its toll. Long trigger, high safety, and a flat housing are now causing me some issues. Itís very minimal. Mostly itís causing a rough pull as the grip safety is not quite disengaged. Its about 30-40% of the time.

    Another item to note when I order my semi custom.

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