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Thread: American Eagle 147 grain, old vs new

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCT125US View Post
    Ejected a round and it was obvious. Did some measuring, loaded a mag with 15 rounds all of the same OAL. Fired ten, rounds 11-15 measured substantially shorter. Set back under recoil and clambering. Contacted CCI / Vista Outdoor, they sent call tag, confirmed bullets did not meet specs and replaced with Lawman at no cost to me. No lot recall will be issued.
    Lots of 9mm CCI on sale in my area. Coincidence?

    I think not....

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    This is bad news. The older load shot well in pretty much everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GyroF-16 View Post
    Thanks for the report on that. I’m eyeing various 147 gr loads for a class in the fall, and the Blazer had caught my attention. The reports on the new 147 AE load, combined with this info, have me looking squarely at Speer Lawman now.
    You cant go wrong with the lawman. It's the only 9mm I buy any more. Not only is it good stuff, but both the 124gr and 147gr are $183/case shipped from targetsportsusa with their ammo prime membership.

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    So is the new AE using a plated bullet in place of the jacketed bullet?

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    AD9FP has been my go-to for practice rounds to match with my HST 147 carry ammo for years. I've still got cases to go (presumably the old design) but will start trying Lawman 147.

    And I thought it was just my shooting going downhill!

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