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Thread: Houston officer disarmed during Verizon robbery

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    Houston officer disarmed during Verizon robbery

    Come on.

    Same thing happened to a guy I went to the academy with during a bank robbery.

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    In my neck of the woods that officer would be fired before the suspects were apprehended. Absolutely ridiculous and a disgrace to the profession.

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    Looks like the robber has some experience with proning out, on one side or another.
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    “Ooooh, what a beautiful vase. Hmm, did I renew my Amazon Pri.....OH Shhhh!!”

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    Let’s just keep banning “warrior type training”

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    Sadly, she was doing what most officers do when they're "working off-duty. That is what complacency looks like and there's a shit-ton of it of in in this profession.

    I hope they fired her but likely they didn't. More likely she will get promoted.

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    Cell phones on duty are one of my pet peeves. They have their places.

    No one, no matter what they think, can pay attention to their phones and the world around them.

    The officers reaction is pretty typical of anyone that's immersed in a different world and gets sucked back into reality. It's confusion.
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    God watches out for fools and drunks. I bet she was stone cold sober. She'll probably be commended by her agency for not escalating the situation. She should be fired.
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    Let's keep the comments appropriate for a thread in a technical forum.
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    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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    I see this a LOT with LEO working “security” or simply being off the clock aka eating lunch. Heads buried in phones, computers... backs to high traffic entry ways that sort of stuff. Does the academy no longer teach situational awareness??

    Sure as shit if she was working security for me she would have been out on her ass at the first sign of screwing off while on my dime.

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