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Thread: Which first 9mm pistol for a beginner with 8 months experience

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    @Gawp, I know that it isn’t in your list but I would also recommend a Sig P210. A good friend of mine in Thonon has one he picked up in Genève I believe but could be mistaken. It was a used trade in he got for less than 1000 Euros. When he took me to a local shop the Sigs were plentiful and cheap due to availability. The P210 is an excellent gun, they are extremely accurate, reliable and fun to shoot. Personally I love them and the Swiss ones seemed easy to get. They are perfect for the types of shooting most ranges restrict you to if you are not shooting IPSC. Now, if you are thinking about moving into shooting competitions at some point then I would heavily lean towards the CZ for some of the reasons that have already been mentioned.

    I want to add that if you can get a target version instead of a police trace in P210 with better sights I would certainly try for that. If not I would look very hard at the CZ they are excellent guns.

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    Assuming conventional ISU target shooting with a bullseye at 25 metres, the CZ SP 01 will serve well.
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    S&W 5906, 3rd generation

    Pure target shooting, if available, consider S&W 3rd gen, all “metal” pistols. Easy to gunsmith some smooth trigger pulls. Lots of them still on the PPC circuit where pure long range accuracy (50 yards) will bring home the trophy.

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