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    FN PBR

    I need to pay for more classes.

    I traded for this base rifle and bipod about three or four years ago from someone who kept a dope log and told me about the loading he tweaked for it. That should really have been my final hint that I didn't know what I was doing.

    So naturally on the way home I stopped at the Scottsdale Gun Club and bought a Vortex scope from them, had them mount it, and then it stayed in the safe for about three or four years. Didn't even zero it.

    $750 to your FFL from mine. If you are in Arizona and want to meet in the Metro-Phoenix area, I have a box of very nice ammo (or so I've been told) for you to take.

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    Still available, folks.

    FYI, barrel length is 20" from muzzle to bolt face with action closed.

    Found some old messages and photos going through my cell phone. Load data is as follows. EDIT: I don't have a way of contacting the previous owner and I don't know what glass he was using.

    .308 Nosler CC175
    FC Brass
    BL-C2 Groups 3 + 4 41.4/42.6
    Shot from bench
    100 yards.

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