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Thread: New Aftermarket Glock 19 from Shadow Systems

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    New Aftermarket Glock 19 from Shadow Systems

    Here's something fairly new to market. I haven't seen these discussed yet and apologize in advance if there's an existing thread.

    Anyway, the pistol(s) in question appear to be a Nomad Defense Gen4 19 frame coupled with a Shadow Systems slide and barrel. Factory spring weights are being used with the exception of a Taran Tactical connector.

    I really like the idea of the permanent beavertail and wish Glock would do something like this on their pistols. Price seems good for the features. I might have to pick one of these up.

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    Looks good, dig the frame. Probably more features than I need or want but for under $900, I might be curious enough to give it a try. Or at least I would if I carried a Glock at work and was all-in on the platform.
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    Looks like a really solid option for those of us that have a love hate relationship with Glock OEM frames.

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    I sent Nomad Defense an email right after I started this thread to ask about the Shadow frame. Despite some styling similarities Nomad says the frame is not made by them.

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    Reading is fundamental even in the age of the internet.

    This is right off the Shadow website:

    The frame has been in development for 2 years and is 100% a Shadow System design, and not a rebrand of another frame already on the market. The frame makes use of new manufacturing techniques to wrap more texture around the curves of the frame and put grip in places not normally seen on production guns

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    Hmmmm....I see their slides have a much deeper cut for the RMR, allowing you to use their (and I’d assume other) sights without jumping up to full .315” suppressor/cowitness sights. Interesting...

    I use OEM when I can, but I have their parts kits in two of my slides and they’ve been fine, in case anyone saw the kits on Brownells and wondered if they’re any good.

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    There's one of the Combat models on gunbroker for $800. Kind of pricey for what's essentially a Glock 19 with a tritium front sight.

    With that said, the gun does appeal to me in that the frame has a permanent beavertail and what I think are fairly tasteful lines. The front and rear serrations look aggressive but hopefully they're not so sharp that they chew up holsters. I like the undercut trigger guard too. As a whole the gun is probably not a bad value in the custom Glock market.

    I guess I need to get a price quite from a local shop and see what the price might be for a Combat model with the RMR cut and black barrel.

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    Not my photo. I cropped out most of the knife. This is pistol forum not knife forum.

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    I put my hands on one of these yesterday. I was very impressed with it. The polymer frame feels super solid. Hard to explain, but there is nothing cheap feeling about it at all. It feels like the polymer that is used on the Springfield XD. That isn't a bad thing as the XD is a very durable polymer despite what people think about the pistol. The texturing is very nice, and there were no mold marks of any kind anywhere on it.

    The slide finish is a nice flat greyish finish, and the machine work is clean with no tooling marks. The one I saw had the TiN barrel and was very nice, even though the color isn't my thing.

    Slide to frame fit, was perfect. No movement, lockup was very good for a glock style pistol. Trigger was no worse than any other glock, felt like a typical 4th Gen trigger to me. Flat trigger is nice, though. It isn't a competition trigger, but feel like a good solid workable trigger.

    Trigger guard undercuts and memory cuts were very nice. The trigger guard is radiused as well which is nice for folks that use gloves. There is also a nice recess in the frame to allow trigger finger clearance. That was a very nice touch.

    The pistol fit perfectly in my Safariland 6378 ALS holster, so I suspect it will fit in just about every other G19 holster.

    IMO their design is where a factory Glock should be with their design at this point in the game. The gun felt like a glock, only with better ergos and attention to details.

    Shadows Systems did it right with this one, at least as far as the pistol itself. I have no idea how it shoots, or it's reliability. From what I have seen and read, they appear to be as reliable as any glock. Long term I have no idea how their polymer will hold up. I don't see why it won't last the lifetime of the shooter. Reinforcements are where they should be, and nothing looked cheap or like corners were cut.

    If the one I saw would have had the black DLC barrel and RMR cut, it would have gone home with me.

    I would definitely take a look at one of these. Especially if your just looking for something a little different, but still want something Glock like.

    I have been doing work on Glocks for a long time, and honestly, I couldn't find a single thing that would or could be done to it to improve it. Other than make a crossover 19X version with a full size frame and short slide. The advantage to Shadow Systems, is they are still a relatively small company, and have the ability to try out different things without a ton of red tape to deal with.

    I see good things for them in the future, especially if the MR series guns prove to be a solid, reliable long term platform. And the most important thing..... They are made right here in Texas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texaspoff View Post
    ... is where a factory Glock should be with their design at this point in the game. The gun felt like a glock, only with better ergos and attention to details. ...

    I agree with this and it is why I'm interested in this pistol.

    Hard to argue with Glock being that everyone makes holsters, sights, accessories for it. Did anyone ever expect to see Magpul Glock mags?

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