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Thread: Bradford Guardian 3 -- Too Small or Just Right?

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    Bradford Guardian 3 -- Too Small or Just Right?

    I'd like to buy a small fixed blade for my father. He has a neurological condition that makes fine motor skills (like manipulating a folder) difficult. I liked the description of the Bradford Guardian 3 as a fixed bladed that can be carried as easily as a folder but I'm worried it might be too small to easily hold on to. Anyone have any experience?

    Also considering an Izula II (which I have and like) but think the scales might be a little on the large side for him to comfortably carry daily. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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    Unless that is some sort of super-steel, the Bradford seems overpriced. You can get an Izula 2 for much less. If the Micarta scales are too big, remove them and cord wrap the handle or find some thinner scales. If you plan to cord wrap and your dad's hands aren't particularly large, you could save some money with the Izula (no scales and slightly smaller handle).


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    My understanding is that M390 is a super steel.

    From BladeHQ

    Bohler M390 is widely revered as being the best all-around knife steel, which has led top companies to widely utilize it in higher end knives. M390 exhibits excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and high level toughness.

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    Bohler M390 and its analogs, CPM-20V and CTS 204P are excellent all around stainless steels.

    It is common enough that a large premium need not be paid for having it on a knife.
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    Really interested in this too. Wanting a utility knife that I can carry around or take camping etc. shopping the 3 and maybe even the 4 against the Benchmade Steep Country. Any thoughts? The 3 seems too small and the 4 seems too large.

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    Iím simply someone who carries a utility knife, not an expert, not a power user, nothing like that. But I do own a guardian 3, and have for nearly 6 months now, and carry it most every day in an Armatus Carry sheath. Comfortable and useful for utility type tasks I would have used a delica or similar for, a bit nicer to use because a bit beefier in hand. My delica kept falling out of my pocket which is why I went to this style of knife. Mine is 390. It gets a lot of sweat on it on hot days, but seems to tolerate it pretty well although I do wipe it down with a silicone rag pretty frequently. You can find them relatively well priced on amazon. Iím sorry that I canít offer more, but thatís what I know.
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