For years I shot primarily revolvers and then didn't shoot much for 15+ years. I started shooting again recently with a SCCY CPX-2 9mm. I was able to get decent centered groupings without too much difficulty. The heavy, long trigger pull is like a revolver and I suppose that's why it took less effort than I expected. This weekend I shot pair of M&P Shields. I ran 50 rounds each through the single and double stack version.

At 25 feet, I was able to get a fist sized groupings but 3" to the left. Initially I thought it was the thinner single stack grip but I replicated it with the double stack. I felt like I was being methodical and squeezing slowly and evenly but I had to be pulling left because the right side for the targets were empty. The positive is that I liked the M&P and the issue is me (I can fix me)

The question is how?

PS: I palm the bottom of the grip with my off hand. I'm hesitant to change grips after all these years but accurate is better than comfortable.