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Thread: Centrifuge Training F.I.R.S.T Course Meadhall Range 3-4Aug19

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    Centrifuge Training F.I.R.S.T Course Meadhall Range 3-4Aug19

    If you are looking for a high end trauma medical course with some injured pistol to boot...this is THE course to be looking at. Instructors Chase Jenkins and Hugh Coffee (Author of "Ditch Medicine") know their stuff and this will be an awesome course. As some know Talon Defense is now under the Centrifuge Training banner and that is why you see it listed on the Centrifuge site.

    Please read the course description carefully, this is not a L.A.S.T. or an Injured Shooter course.
    Fighting Injured Resourceful Self Treatment
    FIRST is a 2 day 20 hour course that begins with introducing the student to the realities of violent encounters and the high probability of incurring traumatic injuries by the participants. Students will be exposed to Injured Shooter techniques that will require them to perform safe, efficient and effective deployment of the handgun.
    The students will also be introduced to emergency medical concepts and techniques recognized as aggressive trauma care. At the culmination of training the student will have been taught how to seamlessly remain engaged with the threat while injured, expedite patient rescue, and initiate trauma care to those fallen around him.
    Weapon training
    *Safe tactics
    *Single hand presentations & accuracy
    *Single hand manipulations
    *Reducing malfunctions
    *On-body / off-body
    *Ground work
    *Muzzle management
    Medical training
    *TQ types and application
    *Appropriate patient care vs threat level
    *Improvised bleeding control
    *Process of death
    *Packing/hemostatic agents
    *TQ transition
    *Airways & chest seals
    *Patient assessments
    *Carries & drags (commercial / improvised)

    Required equipment:

    Duty handgun with rugged quality sights/optic
    Minimum 3 magazines
    Quality rigid duty belt and support gear
    Quality weapon specific holster
    700 rounds of quality handgun ammunition
    Eye protection
    Ear protection (amplified *highly* suggested)
    CAT Tourniquet
    SOFT T Tourniquet
    Halo chest seal (or equal)
    2 H-bandages (or equal)
    Venue: MeadHall Range
    This facility charges a $25 per day range fee. This will be collected by facility management on day one of the course.
    Recommended lodging is the Pottawatomie Indian Grand Casino. They do offer a special rate for course attendees. Please call them directly to inquire.
    Meadhall Range in Mcloud, OK just east of OKC.

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    Due to a health issue that developed for one of the instructors that is going to require surgery and recovery time we are having to cancel this course but will reschedule for a later date.
    Meadhall Range in Mcloud, OK just east of OKC.

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