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Thread: What was your EDC rig from days gone by(e)?

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    Through most of the 1980's it was a .32 ACP Walther PPK in a home made boot holster. If I though I needed more power, it was a Star PD Mexican carry.

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    What was your EDC rig from days gone by(e)?

    Carried a Govt 1911 in a Versamax clone, as was fashionable at the time. But, never was crazy about 4:00 carry. Switched to a Dan Wesson CBOB in a Summer Special clone modified for appendix carry. This was mid-2000ís, I carried appendix before it was cool. I wasnít particularly knowledgeable or wise or ahead of the curve, I just knew it worked better for me.

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    my first carry gun was a Sig P6 (I turned 21 around the time they were $320) in a Comp-Tac CTAC, carried at 4:30.

    Over the years I switched to appendix, switched to striker fired, then BACK to DA/SA. New EDC is a PX4CC in a Keeper. I've also switched from leather belts to nylon.

    I've added a Leatherman multitool and a flashlight. My wallet has gone from a duct tape wallet, to a wallet made out of a tie, to a Saddleback leather billfold. I've added a pocket comb because I started cutting my hair, and I stuck an ASP Key Defender on my keys.

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    My first carry gun was a P7M8 in a Del Fatti holster. I would probably still be carrying it if HK was still making them.

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