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Thread: Drawing Attention Away From Your Concealed Carry Gun (Written by: Greg Ellifritz)

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    Good read. One other aspect is the art of deflection. Had one instance where I thought a client had called me out. Turns out the tell was something other than my gun. Not sure if I shared the story previously, but here goes. I am an insurance broker that visits with clients in home, to determine benefits, eligibility, uncover insurance fraud etc. I am sitting with a client, being observant, making conversation, building rapport. I notice the local gun store flyer is sitting out, several cans of gun cleaner, and a rather large safe in the next room. Fairly good chance he is a gun owner = greater chance of being made. Especially if concealed carry comes up, as it eventually would if I give him too much to work with. We could talk for hours about firearms if I allow it. I direct the conversation to his past employment, kids, grandkids etc. Seemingly out of the blue, he asks "how long have you been a shooter?" Now what I did not realise, is that the client thought my dog, was a hunting dog. You see, when we were talking about family, I showed a picture of mine, which included the dog. Which is not a hunting dog..... but the clients misperception was his reality. I immediately countered with "now what makes you ask that?". He then shared his observation. Instead of following my first instinct (printing), I asked for clarification. Point being, we have to manage our reality, our perceptions, and the perceptions of others. Greg does a good job explaining how to manage the perception / attention of others.

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    Tatiana Whitlock in her class covered use of accessories etc.... to draw the eye away from the weapon.

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    Forget about the open fly. Pants are optional with this head wear in the right environment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnO View Post
    Forget about the open fly. Pants are optional with this head wear in the right environment.

    "You had me at 'pants optional'..."
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    My limited experience is that criminal apex predators recognize people dangerous to them, and the recognition does not require a gun to print. Some people radiate in a threatening manner, and it is not hard to notice if one is reasonably aware of the environment. Predators recognize other predators and usually prefer easier prey.

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    Interesting written piece. My take is that it’s directed primarily at those fairly new to concealed carry and/or those who are free to dress extremely casually on a frequent and regular basis.

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    Columbia style fishing shirts are great cover garments for hot weather areas.
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    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he turned out to be a cross dresser in his free time.
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    huh. I actually own that unicorn reaper shirt and a similar design (also on a shirt) is my av here... i was laughing when i saw it being worn in the article.

    As he notes, women have learned to dress to try to draw the eye to what we want you to see and away from what we don't. One thing is, though, if we are trying to conceal from super expert apex predators predating predatorily, aren't they gonna know not to be distracted by a woman's chest or some dude wearing a libertarian quote t-shirt or whatever else?

    Isn't the actual goal in part just to be lawfully armed and not draw attention from the vast majority of people people most of the time, understanding that some better trained, more observant people are gonna see and know but that they aren't usually the ones you need to worry about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJM View Post
    It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he turned out to be a cross dresser in his free time.
    Sarcasm, or is this dude the equivalent of James Yeager or something? I don't instructor-worship the dude, but sometimes the things he writes has a factor in what I do. Is this a mistake?
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