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Thread: Just Show Up

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    Quote Originally Posted by cor_man257 View Post
    I think you may under estimate the number of folks whi do read everything you write.

    Thought provoking. Thanks.

    When is the last time you saw a post on here with 50 likes?
    Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Doodie Project?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuanoLoco View Post
    When is the last time you saw a post on here with 50 likes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cecil Burch View Post
    So I have come to the conclusion that the only realistic way to get better at almost anything is this – JUST SHOW UP. Go and show up at the gym, or the golf course, or pick up that musical instrument, or get to the shooting range, and do the best you can. If one day the best you can muster is just going through the motions, fine.
    Terry Crews said something in a similar vein about going to the gym and it got some traction:
    Go to the gym, don't even work out. Just GO. Because the habit of going to the gym is more important than the work out.

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