[QUOTE=Spartan1980;871627Wolf and TULA are no bueno for me. I sold a case because they don't run smooth at all in the primer feed and I was having about 1 in 100 as dead that wouldn't even fire on a 2nd or 3rd strike. No more Wolf or TULA no matter how cheap and tempting they are, they're just not worth the hassle.[/QUOTE]

This. They are hard and as many as 1% seem to be made of unexplodium. IMHO there are no savings to be had with these primers.

CCI's are harder than Winchester are harder than Federal. S&B, Fiocchi and others tend to be as hard or harder than CCI.

What drives me crazy is that they are all slightly different in size, which means I have to re-tune my automatic primer filler every time I change primers, and not all run as clean as others.