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Thread: K-Frames and a PX4.

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    K-Frames and a PX4.

    Help me buy something that I probably don't need.

    All prices are for the shipped item. Your FFL must accept from an individual.

    Discreet PayPal (F/F or you pay the fees) or Money order are preferred methods of payment.

    As always, if you don't like the price...make me an offer.


    Pre Model 10 K-Frame. Square butt. Pencil barrel. Comes with Herrett stocks that have a chip in them.



    Pre Model 10 K-Frame. Round butt. Pencil barrel that has been cut to 3". The hammer has also been semi-bobbed.







    Beretta PX4 with "G" trigger, four magazines, and JMCK Universal AIWB holster.


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