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Thread: New Trijicon Pistol Mounted RDS???

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    I have emailed him already. I had a DPP mounted on this slide, there was absolutely no gap between it and adapter plate. There was a post on Enos with an RMR going down on a Shadow. It could have been completely coincidental but the plate under that RMR wasn't straight either. I am bit leery about mounting this thing, especially that the torque poundage is not supposed to be high on an aluminum plate. Good to hear that yours is running ok.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDrak View Post
    Update on my original 1MOA SRO. Currently have 2,800 rounds on it on two different pistols. For the FBI Pistol Instructor school it was mounted on my Gen5 G34 MOS on the C&H V3 plate using McMaster-Carr screws, Vibratite VC3, and 14.5 in/lbs of torque. I also ran it during Scott’s LE Only RDS Instructor course on my Agency AOS cut G45 slide using the screws provided by Agency Arms, Vibratite VC3, and 13 in/lbs of torque.

    So far I’ve only noticed that the front glass gets a bit more funk on it than my RMRs do after a couple hundred rounds or so. Beyond that, no issues.

    Sold my ACRO last week and picked up a new 2.5moa SRO yesterday from Kenzie’s Optics.
    How do you like the 2.5 vs the 1 MOA dot? GJM noted it is easy to leave the 5MOA on auto brightness. Does the 2.5 have a good dot in varied conditions on auto brightness? Thanks.

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