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Thread: Learning to go on the "B" in "BEEP"

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    Learning to go on the "B" in "BEEP"

    How do you improve your reaction time to the timer at the start of a stage? It makes sense that you should go on the "B" in "BEEP" rather than the "P" but exactly how does one improve their reaction time? Any specific drills out there?

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    Hang the timer on your belt, wrists above shoulders. On the beep, slap the timer. Work the time down.

    You can put the timer and your hands in whatever position you like, the above suggestion is only one example.

    It's important that you not cheat yourself by trying to guess-time or jump the beep.

    I think it's helpful to turn your awareness up to 11 when you're working reaction time. This means hearing and kinesthetic sense. Really listen for the tone. You are trying to get your brain and body in the same page with no lag time. So make an effort to feel what's going on.

    Good luck.

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    Competitive reaction time drills can teach you to pay more attention and get faster. Find a training partner and have a reaction time race using a shot timer:

    -First to touch an object
    -First to grip their gun
    -First to draw the gun

    It doesn't really matter who wins. The goal is to train your brain that the beep is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD.
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    @RyanM - FWIW, this is a major issue with me too. Following.

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    Dry draw practice with sub second par times is what helped me so far. You get the benefit of working a fast draw and reacting to the "B" in the same rep. For me, the immediate reaction is the only way to actually get close to a sub second draw.

    Just keep in mind that the end beep is .3 seconds if you plan on also working draw speed. Many people seem to forget that with their dry fire times.

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    I think it helps if you are wired so as to be generally impatient.
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    But you have to work at it.
    A casual approach just leads to creeping toward the gun or jumping the start.
    I just lay off the timer and let them kind of topple over.
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    The answer is...just do it.

    The more times you practice reacting to the beep. Training to react, listening for it, trying to be quick, etc.

    In Dry Fire, Revelations there is a micro drill on reacting to the B on Beep. As I recall it is put the timer in place of your gun and slap it. I found just working on reacting from ready to grip works best. The more times you did your brain connects the wires to do it faster. It really is that easy.
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