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Thread: Use of slide lock is unsafe?

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    Silly house (range) rules. It being their house, not mine, I either follow the house rules, or, leave, and stay away.

    It is not that slam fires cannot happen, on rare occasions, to defective weapons, but it is silly to think that releasing the slide with the slide stop/latch/release increases the chance of a slam fire. One deals with the possibility of slam fire by following the fundamental riles of firearms safety, not by easing-down slides.
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    This rule is an example of ignorance. Eventually it will bring about a malfunction such as that which might occur when the shooter moves the slide in such a way that the case rim does not enter the extractor groove. The round enters the chamber, but extractor does not go over case rim. If the shooter retracts slide too far back for momentum needed to bump extractor over rim, the next round in the mag will might be stripped. Clearing the misfeed introduces more risk than allowing slide to slam forward.

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    LOL'd at 4 pages (so far) of comments stating that the silly statement is silly.

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    Lots of comments on the Glock “slide lock.” I’ll add... I took the Glock Operator’s Course in Smyrna last month, and the instructors were explicit that it was perfectly acceptable to use it to release the slide. They said they had a lot of work to do to correct misconceptions that the slide lock is only for locking back the slide, but they were working to correct people when they could. They noted they sell an extended release for a reason—to make it easier to release the slide quickly.

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