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Thread: NRAAM 2019 - What new products do you want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by psalms144.1 View Post
    Or the G45, or the VP9, or the P30, or any number of other short slide, long grip polymer 9mms on the market right now...
    I assume the M18 was mentioned because of the thumb safety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robinson View Post
    I assume the M18 was mentioned because of the thumb safety.
    Ah, I see. Then let me ammend to say M&P 2.0 Compact 3.6" with thumb safety

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    Ruger to drop a double stack carry 9mm 1911.

    Trijicon rmr 2.5

    Aimpoint actually release the Acro

    Nightforce or US Optics join the mrds club

    Springfield offer a range officer elite with single sided safety

    HK p30/45 series with short resets

    SCD Gadget for p10....

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    Back to the OP, I think we're dealing with "an embarrasment of riches" in the number of really good options for defensive pistols right now. However, that doesn't stop me from WANTING some thing(s) that aren't currently on the market, to whit:

    1. Gen5 Glocks in .45 ACP (and, by extension 10mm). Not sure if that's possible given the single pin frame design, but, a boy can wish
    2. S&W M2.0 .45 actual compact, not the "Commander" version that's on the market now
    3. A VP9C with a 5" overall height and 13 round capacity (if 15 isn't workable)
    4. A pistol sized Ruger PCC

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    D model options from Beretta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharps54 View Post
    D model options from Beretta.
    With dovetails!

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