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Thread: Consistency

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Nesbitt View Post
    I've won a lot of matches and placed well in a bunch more because of my consistency. I'm not always the fastest, but I'm usually pretty accurate. I just let the other competitors screw up and beat themselves.
    When I first started shooting competitively - one of the first things I noticed was - the guys doing better were mostly just making the least amount of mistakes.

    Making less mistakes, being comfortable shooting my current speed + skill and trusting my skill has led to my biggest improvements in matches lately. I've still got tons of room for improvement though. But doing those things has definitely given me more consistency - and it does feel a little boring and kinda slow to shoot that way.
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    This is a thread that is near and dear to my match strategy for the last few years. My last match I shot 82% Alphas, which is a little under where I need to be, unscored errors and a few misses on steel tanked my match for me and I came in second. So I have a bit of work to do.

    I don’t really agree with live fire training for consistency as a valid strategy for everyone. In GJM’s case he is doing what he feels he needs to focus on. In my situation, my ammo budget is limited. A strong mental game and dry fire training for consistent performance has helped with consistency at my matches. As a result, I am consistent and methodical at matches, with a reasonably strong mental game, so all of my current focus is on speed, and I need to maximize my limited training ammo budget to be fast enough that my consistency wins matches.

    To be clear on the last statement, I need my speed to be ingrained, and be good enough that my match pace worries the competition. I want the competition to at my matches to feel like they need to go as fast as possible to edge me out. Hopefully that forces mistakes, and allow me room to slide into the win. This strategy can backfire if the competition “hooks up” and shoots a clean match despite going balls to the wall with speed. However, that has been fairly rare in my experience.

    I don’t find my match videos that fun to watch, I look slow and methodical, but my training methods have given me consistent positive progression over the last three years and I’ll go with it until it does not work anymore.
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