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Thread: Three gun in the San Antonio/Austin area

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    Three gun in the San Antonio/Austin area (Mike Webb) is going to have a rare three gun match this weekend.

    EVENT: Handgun, Carbine, or 3 GUN "COMBAT" MATCH. (Shooters Choice)
    DATE: Sunday March 31st
    LOCATION: Cedar Ridge Range
    SIGN UP: **0900HRS - 0945HRS**

    ROUND COUNT: (Approximate)
    Handgun = 50 (If shooting handgun only, 140 rds)
    Rifle = 60
    Shotgun = 30 Birdshot

    Should be fun. I haven't shot my shotgun for a long time, esp. because of my screwed up shoulder but I will give it a whirl. I can handle my AR just fine.

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    So how did it go? 5 stages. 2 shotgun, 2 carbine, 1 pure pistol. Some of the long gun stages had pistol transitions. Note, I do not mention times as am I a slow FOG and my totally crapped out knees and shoulder are not conducive to my Flash like performance. 69 shooters.

    Weapons - SW 1911Sc 45acp Commander, Oly Arms AR-15 from the depths of time. Nothing special except an Eotech, Winchester Defender 1300 - eight shot (used it in a Givens class).

    Pure carbine stages

    0 down - the only 0 down. Had a bad jam in mid stream but worked through it. I prefer to work through it rather than calling it quits and having the friendly bunch give me a reshoot (as sometimes done is a friendly club match).

    Next carbine stage 1 down. There were 3 zeroes and 4 ones.
    Next shotgun state - gun - Winchester Defender with front fiber optic. 1 down but my shotgun reloading is crappy. Haven't practiced for quite a bit. My bad shoulder acts up in the upper quadrant of the pumping hand and it is an ouch for the rack. Thinking about a semi but they are pricey for some.
    1 down, quite a few ones and zeroes on that stage
    Pure pistol stage - 3 down, there were 13 - 0,1,2's on the stage.
    5 th Stage - shotgun and pistol. Better on shotgun, coming back to me. 9 down. Why! We had a swinger and I aimed at the slowest rotating part of the swinger to give my self more hits and shot 3 in the 3s - oh, well

    Take away - love it. Confirms to me that my long gun pick up in the middle of the night will be a carbine.

    Funny stuff - I'm arranging all the firepower and hold the Winchester to put in the carry case when the wife comes by. She is impressed by the evil appearance. I tell her this monster gun is quite deadly, easier to buy anywherel but that little semi hand gun is banned in many places. She gets the point about the stupidity of gun laws.

    Some folks shot the entire match with PCCs. I wanted to run the shotgun a bit. Think I will take my dummy rounds and practice with them a bit. Now, where are they in the box of all things?

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