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Thread: RFI: Coffeemakers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drang View Post
    We have an electric kettle, this sounds like an excuse to get a new one with precise controls, as opposed to ON/OFF.
    Here’s a pretty decent comparison of some of the better options in the electric kettle market. These are more targeted towards a pour over brew method, but they would work equally well for French press.

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    Recently I’ve adjusted my brewing methods using this technique which has produced some surprisingly good and even more full-bodied coffee.

    Basically 4 minute steep, stir, then wait another 5-8 minutes and just bring the plunger down enough to act as a filter at the top of the coffee as opposed to plunging all the way down and re-disturbing the grounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyDuty View Post
    I was using a succession of grinder pots and quality beans for the last 20 years, and I finally gave up. I was recently dating a wild half Cuban half Jewish lady from Miami for a month or two, and her coffee always blew me totally away.

    A cheap but very hot drip maker (a Black and Decker in this case) and preground Cafe Bustelo expresso coffee totally outranks anything I was making. Plus, it’s cheap - Aldi sells the 10 oz vacuum bricks for $2.88.
    I randomly walked down the coffee aisle at Walmart and picked up a 10-oz can of Cafe Bustelo for $3.48. Partly because it was cheap, partly because it was in a can and not Folger's, and just to see what it was about. Some really good cups have come out of those cans now. Picked up the Espresso can on the last grocery trip. It's a few cents more at Kroger, but that means I don't have to go to Walmart. There's an Aldi not too far away, but it's a direction I don't normally go. May have to check it out.

    I think I posted earlier in the thread. I use a Proctor Silex Electric Kettle to heat the water. It's cheap and works great. Many years on it, no problems.

    I use a Bodum press. I put ~1/2 inch of cold water in the bottom with the grounds and swirl it around while the hot water boils. The result is a somewhat controlled temperature that never has a chance for too-hot water to touch the beans. Let it brew for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more if I forget about it before plunging. The longer brews get amazing flavors out of it. It's pretty awesome when it tastes like chocolate without having any chocolate in it.

    Had been making a single cup for the morning and going to Starbucks for the afternoon, then decided to just make two cups in the morning and take them both with me. Afternoons have been better. It's also kept me from that daily dose of pure sugar (my coffee doesn't need it, but Starbucks does), which seems to be contributing to good things.
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    I use Keurig K155 with a K Cup so I can grind my own beans. Guatemala Huehue for life.

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    “Breakfast was Bond’s favourite meal of the day. When he was stationed in London it was always the same. It always started with very strong coffee, from De Bry in New Oxford Street, brewed in an American Chemex, of which he drank two large cups, black and without sugar.” - Ian Fleming in From Russia with Love

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    Well, this thread cost me about $32. Here goes...

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    I have one of these in my shopping cart right now to be included in my next order

    HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle, 1200W Electric Tea Kettle, 8 Big Cups 2.0L Glass Portable Electric Kettle Cordless with 4Hrs Keep Warm Function & Auto Shutoff Protection

    It’s twice the size of our current kettle but it:
    1. Has adjustable temp, not just “boiling” and I can choose 204 degrees for coffee if that’s how precise I want to be
    2. That also means a “keep warm” aspect that will be nice for multiple pours or cups
    3. The glass container will, IMO, look nicer than the current little metal pot
    4. Being larger, and with the keep warm, I can do more cups more quickly
    5. Being larger, and adjustable temp, I can use it for actual cooking duties, if I remember

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    Quote Originally Posted by wired View Post
    I use Keurig K155 with a K Cup so I can grind my own beans. Guatemala Huehue for life.
    Is there a better vendor for the Huehue than I figured a guy with your screen name would be the perfect source for a coffee recommendation 😉
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    Aeropress works great--the travel model is good for backpacking, as well as routine excursions.

    Of course the LaMarzocca is superior for those finer experiences in life....

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    Damn Doc, so jelly...

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