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Thread: Rob Haught Shotgun, Council Bluffs IA, 8-9 June 2019

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    Rob Haught Shotgun, Council Bluffs IA, 8-9 June 2019

    This one may be of interest to some of our members. I am planning to attend as a student, and for selfish reasons, want to ensure there's adequate enrollment so the course goes forward.

    For questions, please contact the course organizer, Rob@LHGK.US.

    Hope to see you there!

    Shotgun Operators Course - Rob Haught

    Course Details:
    Who: Rob Haught - Symtac Training
    What: Shotgun Operator's Course
    When: June 8th - 9th, 2019
    Where: Council Bluffs, IA at LHGK
    Why: Efficient and Effective use of the modern Defensive / Duty shotgun.

    Shotgun Operator is a two day course designed to provide the student with the fundamental defensive gun handling skills used to maximize the shotgun as a Defensive / Duty tool throughout its range of capabilities.

    Required Items:
    Reliable Defensive / Duty Style Shotgun. Shotgun may be Pump or Auto...the class is designed around the pump action.
    Ammo: 400 - Birdshot, 50 - Buckshot, 25 - Slugs.25.
    Pistol with Holster and 50 Rounds of Pistol Ammo.
    Shooting / Gloves.
    Seasonal Weather Gear, Hats are Highly Encouraged.
    Eye / Ear Protection.

    Additional Details:
    Tuition: $400.00.
    Prospective students MUST contact LHGK to register.
    Registration: Contact Rob via email at Rob@LHGK.US.

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    Just heard from the organizer, this is canceled due to lack of enrollment.

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    That is a terrible shame because any time spent on the range with Rob Haught is a worthwhile endeavor.

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