I think itís worth noting that most of the scoring that we are all used to, coming mostly from one sort of game or competition or another, is really only designed to make things ďfairĒ and/or make the game move faster.

I remember many years ago, as a kid, reading some gun rag that had a lengthy article in it about IPSC or USPSA nationals or something where they had to get out the carat and check the hit and there was some controversy and the winner was ultimately determined by said controversy and... bleh. Nobody wants to shoot a national or inter alptional event like that.

At a class or a one-off match, I bet the win/loss is never determined one way or another by the difference. But just noting that the standard is slightly tighter may make people buckle down just a little bit more when shooting. In fact, at least a couple of people replying here that said they have shot with Jeff have said exactly that.