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Thread: Why is Reloading a Big Part of Many Drills/Standards?

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    Using your time-exchange idea where every minute spent practicing reloads could be used practicing jam clearance, just take the 15 minutes of web surfing and practice anything and you'll improve.

    I'm kinda hearing "I don't want to practice reloads because _____" as an excuse to ignore the single greatest fundamentals skill improvement system conceived so far, and that sounds pretty lame. Less excuses more shooting. Competitions aren't 100% all about defensive shooting scenarios (when they try you get wet fart clusterfucks like IDPA), they're about improving your skill with a firearm across the board.

    You may never have to reload in an actual firefight. Chances are also ridiculously high that you will never fire a firearm in a firefight regardless. Fire firefight fire firearm fire fire.
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    Science facts with Father Time: no one who has ever had to reload in a gunfight wished they reloaded slower.

    While as a civilian your odds of needing to reload are super duper slim, so are your basic odds of needing a gun, period. So why not be able to do it well, just in case your self defense scenario isn't a shooting, but a gunfight?
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    (when they try you get wet fart clusterfucks like IDPA),
    Since I am an IDPA shooter in a group of folks that have older men, I chuckle and resent that. It is too close to the truth. As Mas says for old men:

    1. Never trust a fart
    2. Never miss a chance to piss
    3. Never waste an erection, even when alone.

    I prefer IDPA as it is more sedate for my abilities. All that running in USPSA - not anymore. However, I will comment again on excretory issues. At our IDPA match, we were cautioned that if you have to take a dump, you should go up to the john. An USPSA shooter at their match, went in front of his truck, took a dump, decorated it with used toilet paper, so that when folks drove away, there it was. Needless to say the IDPA shooters were shocked to hear of this indiscretion.

    I think group wisdom has covered why one should know how to reload and carry an extra mag or two. Is there more to be said to the OP. Go shoot a match and carry and extra mag.

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