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Thread: CRKT Minimalist

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    CRKT Minimalist

    It ainít no Benchmade but I figured Iíd give back since I was lucky enough to win something on here the other day. Brand spanking new, it has never cut a thing or been carried. Bought it to check it out because there was a lot of talk on PF about them a while back and itís been sitting in the safe since.

    1. Site supporters only.
    2. Reply to this thread and youíre in for the drawing.
    3. Random number generator will pick a winner Monday morning.
    Good luck!

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    Why not? Iím in. Thanks for the opportunity.
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    In please. Thank you very much.

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    I'm in please and thank you!
    Very cool of you

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    Well, thatís cute!

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    Eh, why not. My son could use a little outdoorsy knife. Thanks!
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    Cool! In, and thanks!
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    In and thank you

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    Im in please and thank you!

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    In please.

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