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Thread: something, something SPEED; something something ACCURACY

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwhpfan View Post
    "See What you need to see" is often joked about...but more in the sense because it's so simple.

    You don't need a perfect sight picture, or clear sight to hit the A zone at seven yards. You do to hit the upper A zone at 25 yards. So you see more, or less, ie, "See what you need to see." Same thing for how "settled" do you need to be, how ready, how focused, how mentally prepared to pull the trigger without disrupting aim. Splitting at .5 to the upper A at 15 yards or splitting .25 to the A zone at 10 yards...again, "see what you need to see" ie, you need more for one, less for the other. More time behind the gun and you'll become more in tune to what you are doing, what the gun is doing and what you are doing to effect that. If you heard the term, "Shoot your sights" or anything about the sights telling you how fast you can shoot, same concept.
    Thanks, the "see what you need to see" and cutting down the time needed to see it before pressing the trigger is where I am focusing a lot of my practice time.

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    I managed to break some glass ceilings toward the end of last week and Monday this week. I used today as more of a testing day limiting my ammo consumption and only running a few reps of each test just to see what my real "on demand" is. Happy to see those glass ceilings staying broken. Don't worry @Clusterfrack I only shot one Bill Drill Draws on the 1R1 averaged 1.08 and reloads averaged 1.76. That Beretta magwell is tight. I'm gonna give it another week or two and if I can't average sub 1.5 on-demand I'm gonna break out the files

    Bill (1.07 draw, .18ish splits, 1.95 total:

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