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Thread: Disguising the Draw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxy Brown View Post
    (Bold emphasis mine)

    Well, as the maker of the videos, I can say you're making the same mistake that you're griping about. The intent of my videos was not to simulate a "...realistic scenario for a woman being attacked on the street."
    I understand that, especially in a chain of messages, meanings can be misconstrued. I've went back through what I posted and don't see anywhere where I stated I thought the intent was to be a realistic scenario or called the creators to task in any manner. My impression was it was a modification of the Tueller drill, which is what I stated. I don't see anywhere I assumed your intent.

    I do not, and did not, hold you accountable for how viewers perceive it. What I did was simply challenge the statement from a viewer, "The “attacker” very realistically simulated street level pressure". As you yourself state, that's not the case. It would seem we are on the same side of the matter.
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    Maybe with talented students I would lube up with baby oil and then go at it.

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