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Thread: Training in Oregon ...anyone familiar with....

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    Arik Levy (Firearms Nation Podcast) just replayed an interview with Keith Tyler from his Shooterís Summit.
    David S.

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    Anyone in Oregon and Washington or even Idaho looking for excellent training should check out Cerberus Training Group

    Steve is a retired LEO, he continues to train pre-SWAT guys in the use of firearms for local agencies and is an excellent instructor. He also hosts a wide range of vetted professionals that complements his own instruction, including Fieldcraft Survival (Mike Glover), Tap Rack Tactical (Bill Blowers), Kinetic Consulting (Jon Dufresne) Presscheck Consulting (Chuck Pressburg) and Shot IQ (Joel Turner) to name a few and is always on the hunt for others.

    Also, in the wake of all the school shootings and as part of his community help outreach, if you are a school resource officer or school staff member he will train you for free.

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