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Thread: Mathoms

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    In the finest tradition of the Hobbits of the Shire, it's my Birthday, so I'm going to give stuff away to my PF buddies. I've got the following stuff for grabs, it'll all go in a USPS small priority box to whomever responds:

    1. "mini mighty wallet" by Dynomighty - slate gray and small/light. Too small for the number of cards I carry and cash - so it's a Mathom
    2. one black leather no-name small wallet, interior and exterior card holders, clear ID holder, and small pocket for cash - another didn't work for me Mathom
    3. one Terra 5.0 aluminum RFID blocking "card wallet" with money clip - as above, a "not what I was looking for" Mathom
    4. one Grip Force adapter - probably for a Gen4 pistol - the original "ribbed for no pleasure" version - no pin (sorry) - yet another Mathom
    5. one Ka-bar TDI knife - the small one - serrated blade and "foliage" handle and sheath. Not truly a mathom - but something I don't use, so into the box of goodies it goes

    I'll leave this up through the weekend - Sun night, if more than one person replies, I'll use the Random Number Generator of doom to determine the winner of this regifting of Mathoms.

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    Finely tuned athletic machine Kyle Reese's Avatar
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    I'm in for the KBAR TDI, please. Thanks, and happy birthday!

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    I would appreciate #1 or #3, please.

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    Miss Manners
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    My wallet is falling apart. You are awesome.

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    Site Supporter Larry Sellers's Avatar
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    Dec 2015
    #4 please! Wanna try one in the worst way.

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    LE Forum Moderator BehindBlueI's's Avatar
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    I'd appreciate any of the wallets or the TDI. Thanks for your generosity!
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    A wallet please, and Happy Birthday! Iím celebrating mine (and the wifeís, tomorrow...).

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    I'm not asking for anything I just think it's cool to see someone use Mathom correctly and in proper context
    Random nobody.

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    The blade for me, please.

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    And the winners are:

    #1 - @Det1397
    #2 - @Duelist
    #3 - @Ohsheepdog
    #4 - @Larry Sellers
    #5 - @ACP230

    If y'all could hook me up on PM with your addresses, I'll get these things out in the mail

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