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Thread: Speed vs. Accuracy

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    That's not really what they said, but I agree more with you than them. They were basically taking from the "you young kids and your go fast can't hit stuff in the real world."
    Ken Hackathorn has a thorough knowledge and deep experience with speed vs accuracy. He'll set up a drill and have a shooter shoot it as quickly as he can while making good, clean hits. Then, he'll have the shooter shoot the same drill faster and faster until accuracy falls apart. He does this so the shooter can find their limits. Then he has the shooter push and expand those limits so good, accurate hits can be made quickly.

    Conversely, Ken will take a fast shooter and force them to slow down to make good clean hits by making them shot at smaller and smaller targets while maintaining their speed until they again find their limit. Then he'll push them to shoot smaller targets at speed. He also changes up distance to targets and uses them in the same manner.

    Ken's techniques are good at proving most shooters can be faster and more accurate than they believe.
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