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Thread: Thoughts on placing a set screw on booster

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    Thoughts on placing a set screw on piston

    Octane 9HD, USP9c and P30 13.5x1 LH

    Would it be a bad idea to drill and tap the piston for a set screw? Can breaks loose after about 5 rounds no matter how hard I turn it. Thread tape works for about 10 rounds. With the LH thread, my theory is that the gas imparts a spin equal and opposite the rifling that loosens the can. Barrel is traditional rifled RCM with RH twist. I typically shoot at extended distances (50-100yds) and find that if the can simply breaks loose, it changes POI by 5-10 feet. Needing an allen wrench to remove the can is not ideal, but neither is POI shift and end cap strikes. The combo is extremely accurate as long as I work the piston before the first shot. Doing the D/T work would be a simple process for me. Thoughts, suggestions?
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    Iíve never personally had that problem with a M13.5x1 LH suppressor. Maybe the threads on the barrel or the piston arenít to spec? Is there an internal o-ring at the end of the threads on the piston?

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    Have you talked to SilencerCo? I've shot a few different non-HK hosts with an Octane 9 and had zero issues with the booster breaking loose. I can't imagine that a booster coming loose in 5 rounds meets their design specs.

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    A M13.5l shouldnít be backing off. Perhaps the O ring needs replacing.

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