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Thread: What is by your bed?

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    What is by your bed?

    I will go first.
    Remington 870 with an extended magazine and light stoked with #1 buck.

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    Feb 2011
    New Mexico
    FN PS90 loaded w/50 rounds of SS198LF, Surefire X400 wml/green laser.
    Glock 19X loaded with 20 rounds of Federal 147 HST, Surefire XH35 wml.
    Taser Strikelight.
    Lot of desert out here.
    Lot of holes in the desert.
    Lot of problems buried in those holes.

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    Western Ohio
    The same thing I carry with me every day: P-01 filled with Critical Duty 135 +P and an extra mag filled with same.

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    Suppressed 5.56 sbr (DD 11.5). Light, dbal, aimpoint etc. 77G OTM in the mag

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    S&W model 60, with five Winchester 125 grain JHP.

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    Duty Glock 17.4 with TLR-1 HL.

    Other assorted placed about the house include:

    Stoeger 12g coach double
    H&K VP9

    I'm required to keep a marked PD car out front per policy. We have a family plan due to that from back in the day when all the cop hate was strong. Looking forward to the day I can retire to get that four wheeled target out from in front of my crib.


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    Gnatville, Fl.
    Glock 17 loaded with 20 147 HST.
    18" gauge loaded with #1 FC.
    Malkoff Wildcat light.

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    Western Ohio
    Taken to PM so as not to derail
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    Gen5 G19 loaded with 147gr JHP (his), and Gen5 G26 loaded with 147gr JHP (hers).

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    blue ridge mtns
    Glock 17 w/ TLR-1 HL, 147 gr HST, extra mags, Malkoff and SureFire flashlights.

    Kit for the missus on her nightstand for her to take to her designated area...which includes light, cell and landline handset, revolver, ammo.
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    "Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing." - John Stuart Mill, 1867

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