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Thread: The PF wine thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHC View Post
    Love pretty much every color of wine so long as its dry.
    I am the same. My wife is the complete opposite, loves them sweet and fruity. I have fond memories of moving into our house on Camp Pendleton after my second deployment. We had 0 furniture, an air mattress, and a bottle of wine between the two of us almost every night. Good times.

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    What is the first responsibility of wine?

    To be Red!

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    About 15-20 years ago some vineyards began to sprout up in our general area, which is about 50 miles NW of Philadelphia. At various events, often one of the “gifts” was a bottle of wine from one of the local vineyards. Typically, one detected robust notes of chlorine, urine, and rotting vegetables, and one hesitated to use it even for cooking for fear what was being cooked would be insulted.

    Fast forward to two years ago. My wife and I went to a Sunday afternoon Phillies game and afterwards found a seafood place/fish market in the Italian Market that seemed promising as well as forgiving of sweaty, poorly dressed patrons.

    We ordered a very moderately priced bottle of Gruner Veltliner, and only after ordering it did we notice it was a Pennsylvania wine. Shockingly, it was REALLY good, and we’ve ordered it several times since. Turns out the winery (Galen Glen) is 25 miles from us, and one of these days I’m going to to get my act together and go there for a thorough tasting visit and buying spree,

    Meanwhile, they do ship, and if anyone’s interested in buying some good, decently priced wine from a pro 2A state and not a gun-grabbing commie rathole like California or Oregon, here is the link - $16.99/bottle
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    Seems like a timely thread, as I have just completed my dinner with a glass of '14 Sonoma pinot.

    I spend a good amount of money, and some amount of time, on this, making a point of visiting wine making areas every few years or so. Willamette and Napa Valleys, Columbia River gorge area stateside, Loire Valley in France within last several years. In whites, I like dry light to medium Savignon Blanc at over $20 per bottle range, New Zealand maybe, and a good Viognier, or upper end whites from Vouvray, maybe because I visited their place. Reds are more complicated, but if I'd pick one, it would be a higher end Willamette or Napa pinot noir, Soter or Cakebread come to mind, simply because I can have it with just about any food from sweet stuff all the way to steak, although it might be too light for steak. I literally never had a bad wine in Spain in several visits there, and Rioja is a solid choice for me as well.

    With all that, I can't say that I am much of the expert. It is like porn, I know it when I see it. I find it easier to become somewhat competent in whisky; wines require a bit more knowledge and a bit less proletarian palate than mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyGBiv View Post
    Have you tried the Kirkland brand Malbec from Costco? Decent.
    We’ll take a look, thanks.
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    [QUOTE=Rich_Jenkins;844454]So I need a good Malbec, $10-$15 or so.

    For a Malbec, my bride and I like Pascual Toso. Here in north Texas we can find it for around $10 at the Central Market (HEB). One of my favorite easy-drinking reds is a Meomi Pinot Noir found around here between $15 and $20.

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    To me wine is an intermediate step of the process between grape juice and brandy.
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    Deleted. Replied to wrong RFI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rich_Jenkins View Post
    So I need a good Malbec, $10-$15 or so.

    We bought one somewhere or other, pretty sure it was this one:

    Very nice; not as robust as a Cab but a bit more complex than a Merlot. Very drinkable.

    Any other suggestions? This one seems hard to find locally to me...
    Here is a great malbec for the money...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    ... A lot of Most strawberry so-called fruit or berry wines are, in fact, grape wine with [/s]strawberry[/s] fruit and/or berry flavoring, and sometimes actual juice, added.

    We like wine. We even like California wine, despite the fact that so many Californians take the attitude towards wines from other states not unlike the French take towards California wines.

    Was talking one day to a couple of co-workers about a wine tasting we did, and one of the minions who had not previously taken an interest in the subject commented that the only wines he and his wife had found that they liked came out of a box.

    I shrugged. "Then drink that."

    Don't let anyone tell you what you should like, or dislike. If you like it, go for it, the reason for wine's existence is for us to drink and enjoy it. Comes from box, comes from a carton, comes from a can, if you like it, go ahead. Cork, corq, screw cap, who cares? Oaky chardonnay with steak? Full bodied Pinot Noir with salmon? It's your meal, drink what you want.
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