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Thread: Did I miss a memo?

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    The brain loses the ability to inhibit itself as you get old. Similarly teenagers haven't developed that ability yet. Thus, stupidity is seen at both ages. Of course, there are folks like that across the entire age spectrum.

    My daughter tells me that a great skill for the old is to inhibit your mouth:

    1. In the check out line.
    2. Talking to the wait staff in restaurants.

    It is sad to see folks in a restaurant asking if their favorite wait person is there. The wait person really doesn't care beyond the tip.

    I've seen an older person march to front of the line in Walgreen's to buy a card. When told to get to the end, the person threw it on the ground and stomped.

    On the other hand, when my mom passed away, I went down to Florida to take care of her affairs. I had to go to her bank. As I was walking across the parking lot, an old man in baggy bermudas, classic Florida oldster, crumpled into a sitting position under the ATM. He let loose a stream of urine that reached across the parking lot. If you ever saw someone who looked stone cold dead, it was him. Folks ran towards him to help. I went inside to the bank to talk to the representative and I was a touch shaken. She said it happens everyday.

    Being 71, I am usually annoyed by something. Carrying however, has been a damper on expressing emotions in public. Luckily I can still shoot the Glocks and 1911s, haven't moved to a Grandpa gun yet.

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    Oddly enough I had a similar experience in a Petsmart too. I was looking around trying to find a section and this older woman who was walking past me says under her breath, but loud enough for me to hear, "Watch where you are going!" I wasn't even close to running into her. Not close at all. I look back at her and she has this look of disgust on her face like I just shit in her toilet but didn't flush.

    It happened so fast that I didn't have time for a "comeback" and I walked away wondering WTF was up her butt. Conclusion: some people are just salty assholes and - to be fair - I can be too at times!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
    ...1911s, haven't moved to a Grandpa gun yet.
    I thought the 1911 was the Grandpa gun.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RevolverRob View Post
    The woman gasped and said, “Well I never...”
    The last time an old bitty game me that line I responded with "well that may be the root of your problem."

    It's been years since that encounter but she just might still be standing there slack jawed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbkr View Post
    I thought the 1911 was the Grandpa gun.

    Shhhh he'll hear you if he adjusts his hearing aid.
    Semper Gumby, Always Flexible

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    Good comeback! Well-done.

    I consider much mobile phone behaviour to be bad manners, but, on the other hand, my father is quite elderly, with plenty of physical problems trying to coalesce into a perfect storm, and my mother is somewhat younger and healthier, but the stress is really getting to her, which can result in massive blodd pressure spikes, so, I carry TWO iPhones, with two different carriers, to make double-darn certain I can respond right quickly.

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    Rob, Rob, Rob.......

    And how long did you live in Texas? Surely you recall that wonderfully dexterous phrase "Well, bless your heart."

    It can indicate sorrow, compassion, and also a heartfelt "Eff you and the three-legged mule you rode in on!"

    I use it a fair bit.


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    Two incidents that left me shaking my head.

    1. I'm in a grocery store parking lot unloading groceries into my SUV. I hear tires screech, drivers side door is thrown open and elderly man comes at me yelling "I saw you!". His wifes is yelling at him to get back in the van. At first I thought he was yelling at someone else, but nobody else is around. He stopped about 8 feet away, turns around and gets back in his van and drives away.

    Still have no idea what that was about.

    2. Elderly lady walking with her husband falls in a parking lot. Husband can't get her up unassisted. As I'm heading over a young man arrives first and helps husband pick her up. Old lady rips kid a new one.

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    I had an older guy rip into me for "parking in a handicapped spot" of the Turkey Hill. When he got done venting, I calmly stated that I was not in the handicap spot, which was the next one over. He stomped around to the other side of my truck, saw that I was correct and then stomped back around even more pissed that he was wrong. No apology of course, but he did get in his car and leave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Rob, Rob, Rob.......

    And how long did you live in Texas? Surely you recall that wonderfully dexterous phrase "Well, bless your heart."
    That's my wife's choice.

    I myself always preferred the King of the Hill version (segment from 1:30-2:18)


    Over the years, I've, of course, encountered lots of folks who liked to run their mouths about things, without need. This incident yesterday reminded me of my favorite incident over the years.

    During my first year as a PhD student here in Chiraq, I was sitting in a class. The class was focused on evolutionary biology theory. Before class, the students were sitting around and one of my peers, a biology major in college, asked a question that was paleontological/geological in nature. I was answering his question, when a fresh grad student in geology (who had only completed her undergrad in geology a few months before) walked into the room. Upon hearing our conversation she began shaking her head and said, "Biologists explaining ridiculous."

    I promptly stopped, looked over at her and said, "I'm sorry?"

    "Just you know, maybe stay in your lane."

    "I'm sorry, did I say something incorrect?"

    "Well no. It's just you aren't a geologist..."

    "Oh, so my master's in geosciences from (the name of my top-5 ranked Geosci program) means nothing?"

    "I uhh...didn't know..."

    "No, you didn't. If you'd known that I have more experience teaching geology than you've had studying it, you would have kept your mouth shut. So, it'd do you well to learn that lesson now, when the stakes are low, and learn to shut the fuck up when the adults are talking."

    "I uhh...sorry."

    And that was the last time that particular student said anything to me. It's been almost 4 years since then and I'm pretty sure she still doesn't like me. But I'd already kind of had enough of her arrogant holier-than-thou attitude and tendency to interrupt people and interject. So, a quick swat to her ego was necessary. Afterwards the three witnesses to that event said to me, "Harsh, but fair. She needed to learn to shut the fuck up."

    Honestly that event and yesterday are about the only two times I can think of in the last five years where I've told someone to effectively mind their own business. I'm sure I have said it to others, but in a more charitable fashion.
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