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Thread: Who here has their own home shop?

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    Who here has their own home shop?

    By home shop I mean a separate building with tools or equipment where you indulge your hobbies and work on things for or fun or relaxation rather to make a living.

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    Does the kitchen table count?

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    Our current house has a small shop and a shed. It's not what I would call an actual shop as it only has a standard door so there is only so much I can work on in there. I reload and keep saws and tools and kis ball equipment in there.
    Our first house had a 20x20 with barn doors. I could work oh motorcycles or vehicles.

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    Have a full basement. Safe and ammo room. Large reloading bench. Large work bench. One whole wall covered in white pegboard with tools and such. Now if I could get my wife to quit “borrowing “ tools or at least put them back.

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    I'm a contractor so I have an actual shop, a 30x40 garage. Not at my home though, it's at my "office". And any personal tool I buy seems to migrate to the shop or jobsite anyway.

    My home has a 4 car garage though, so I've got plenty of room to clear out the vehicles when I occasionally need the space for projects. I built my kitchen table, several bookcases, and a few odds and ends. My wife's not a weenie, she likes to help. So I'll get everything cut and sanded, and let her do the staining and painting while I'm at work.

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    1200 sq feet of leave me alone space.

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    I have a 30'x40' shop that I built in 2007, 3 years after I built my house. I don't know how some guys can get by living in an apartment or subdivision with no work space at all or one that's the size of a broom closet. The 3 years that it took me to save up to build my shop would have drove me insane if I didn't have my parents shop to use when I needed it.

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    I am not "mechanically inclined" so my shop is for little besides reloading.
    My old shop was a separate little building showing on the 1921 city map as a garage. A previous owner had divided it into two rooms, one for storage, one as a darkroom. He took the sink and other gear with him, the only remainder was a passthrough in the door for film and prints.

    After the old house was burnt out, I had the old shop taken down along with the ruins of the house.
    The new place had a floor plan for a double garage. What I had built was a wide single garage, room for a car + lawnmower and the usual junk; and a long rather narrow shop space with independent AC so I don't smell up the house with Hoppes.
    The sidewall is not load bearing, if my heirs want a double garage, all they have to do is take out the partition and put in another garage door.
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    My wife thought I was crazy when we talked about building a house and detached garage. I thought a 2600 square foot house with a detached 8000 square foot garage was a good idea. I did not win that one. If I do build a house I’m going to build the garage first.
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    I live in a townhouse with a typical townhouse-size yard, so no room for outbuildings.

    This TH is 3 stories with the ground floor being garage, foyer, and an unfinished room on the back side that is typically a family room. We left ours unfinished and refer to it as the "basement". It opens out to the backyard under the deck. So, I have that room as well as the patio under the deck for manly mechanical, gun-related, and other such pursuits. I also have the garage for motor-vehicle-related work. It's a bit tight for anything larger than a mid-sized SUV, but it's better than nothing and lets me change the oil and do other minor maintenance tasks in relative comfort. I rebuilt the front end of my 4Runner in that garage, as well as many brake jobs and other things the typical TH dweller would pay someone else to do.

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