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Thread: Suppressor for VP9 Tactical

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    Suppressor for VP9 Tactical

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking to buy a suppressor for VP9 Tactical, but I have never owned a suppressor before. I tried looking around at options, and came upon a few that drew my interest.

    The two I've been looking at were:


    I realize the Surefire I linked above may not have the right thread pitch, but I thought I saw on Surefire's website that they made one that would fit the VP9T.

    One more I have considered was:

    Price really isn't a factor with any of these. My priority is noise reduction, closely followed by weight. I tried to read up as much as I can on suppressors, but I'm still trying to absorb all the info. If there is any thing that makes either of these standout from the others please let me know.

    Another thing to note is that I do not own anything other than 9 mm regarding handguns. So I really don't need the suppressor to work with other calibers, as I understand it, you can still make a 45 suppressor work with 9 mm (?)

    Any advice and/or other recommendations are welcome.

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    Unless something has drastically changed in the suppressor market recently, the Rugged Obsidian 45 is still considered to be one of the best pistol cans available. You'll need a replacement 13.5x1LH piston for it to work with the VP9 factory threaded barrels, but since the Obsidian takes SilencerCo Octane pistons, you can use either one of theirs or a Rugged OEM part. A 9mm endcap is also available, and by using a 45 can you'll get slightly better suppression at the cost of weight/length. The Obsidian is also rated for subsonic .300 BLK if that matters to you at all, and there's a smaller/cheaper 9mm only version of the Obsidian available too, though I'd still lean towards the 45 just for flexibility in case you end up with a .45 at any point. I wouldn't sweat decibel numbers too much; there's a fair number of factors involved that'll make cans sound different and potentially even spit out different dB ratings depending on how it was metered.

    Also, I wouldn't bother with the Osprey unless you really wanted to use standard height sights. Every time I've seen one on the line people have been having to re-index it after a mag or so. A more promising option may be coming down the pipe from SilencerCo this year though; they were showing off something modular at SHOT that acted like a Hybrid 46 in full configuration and could be scaled down to around Omega 9K size for pistol use. There's no ETA or even a name for that one, though.

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    The Osprey9 works without issue on my VP9, whether I am using a 13.5 x 1 LH or 1/2 x 28 barrel. I donít have suppressor sights, so I like the flat top. It suppresses great, and I donít think any other suppressor looks better on a VP9.

    Another suppressor that you should consider is the B&T VP9 suppressor.

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    I'll take a look at the Rugged Obsidian.

    I am also looking at the B&T, but I can not find a single review anywhere. I know that B&T makes quality products, but I wish I could find some feedback on their suppressor.

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