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Thread: H&K USP 9mm Expert: Advantages to adding a Jet Funnel?

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    H&K USP 9mm Expert: Advantages to adding a Jet Funnel?

    I'm considering adding a Jet Funnel to my USP 9 Expert and am wondering what advantages, beyond enclosing the higher capacity magazines, the jet funnel has.

    How does the funnel affect the grip length and balance of the gun? I find the USP 9 to be just a tad short in the grip compared to my USP 45's, but I do like the slightly forward balance of the gun.

    Are there any concerns with the translucent Jet Funnel magazines of recent manufacture? I've read threads reporting various issues when dropped on concrete or left loaded for long periods of time outside the gun--neither of which I intend to do (I shoot outside and this isn't a gun I'll be storing loaded magazines for)--but I have also read reports of weakened springs over time. Is it worth the cost-premium to go with the polymer-encased metal Jet Funnel magazines? I use my Expert primarily at the range for practice and the occasional IHMSA or Steel Challenge match. I have other USP's for other tasks such as field carry, home defense, concealed carry, etc. I don't need my Expert to be a handgun for all seasons.

    Any other thoughts on the Jet Funnel? If you have added one to your Expert, how has it worked for you?
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    It's a magwell. Adds just a little length to the front of the grip, along with the sides and rear. Other than that, it's just a magwell.

    The translucent 18rd 9mm mags work fine but are not as durable as the newer steel encased polymer 18rd mags. If the pistol is for defense, use the newer black mags. If for training and fun, get whichever one you prefer.

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    I bought a used USP9 with a Jetfunnel on it. The grip for me is a little short without it but the mags are so friggen expensive.
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    I've toyed with the idea of adding a Jet Funnel to my USP 9 Tactical. After some consideration, I decided the primary benefit appeared to be to make magazines cost significantly more since the 15s won't work in it, so I skipped it. Kinda surprised nobody's made a magwell that will fit the standard magazines yet, but I guess the USP series is kinda out of date for that sort of thing.

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    A good thread on the HKPro forum

    See pages 3 and 4 of this thread:

    I don't have any experience with the translucent Jet Funnel magazines in the USP 9, but I do with similarly constructed magazines in the similar P8. They've never given me any trouble.

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