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Thread: ESS classes?

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    ESS classes?

    Any of you guys taken classes from Elite Shooting? I emailed the training department and am waiting to hear back, but their site doesn't have much in course description compared to the other classes I've taken. Specifically wondering how basic the practical carbine course is and anything about the active threat response level one. If nothing else, I'd love the chance to do some real shooting since I could only do one class in all of 2018, but their prices are in-line with most major trainers and I have a few courses under my belt so I don't want to feel like its a bit redundant and kind of a waste of money.

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    With FPF Training, Green Ops, and now JDC all in that same area, I'd go in those directions vs. something at ESS.

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    Who are the instructors? Before he left to run ESS, Greg Wodack used to manage the NRA Range and teach classes. I think his training company was Senior Firearms Instructors (SFI). His pistol classes were good, particularly the Advanced Pistol Course, but I took those over 10 years ago. I thought the carbine class was okay; then again there is only so much you can do with a carbine on a 50 yard indoor range...
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    ESS classes?

    No idea who the instructors are. As much as I want to do some of the other stuff coming up in the next few months, the ones this week will probably be my only chances due to work and life. The carbine one sounds too basic for my liking, but the gear list has 1k rounds of ammo which makes me think it may be some fun trigger time if nothing else. ESS is about 20 minutes away so even if itís not great, Iím only put the cost of the course and not several hours worth of driving with a hotel stay.

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    With FPF Training, Green Ops, and now JDC all in that same area, I'd go in those directions vs. something at ESS.
    I was going to come here to say this. The classes that stood out at ESD as having unique benefits were the shoothouse and simulator if it allows you to run scenarios/FoF.

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    The shoot house was one of the classes I was hoping to take. It may be full now, I'm waiting to hear back. I did sign up for the practical carbine course this week, so we'll see. I'll provide some feedback for others in the area. As I said, there are some awesome courses around here in the next several months, but the ones at ESS this week are likely my only chance.

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